HOA Parking Rules Explained

One of the more thorny issues for HomeOwners Association is HOA Parking rules. When you are driving through a neighbourhood, there can be nothing more infuriating than getting stuck on a narrow road. This can be because of a variety of things that include cars which are illegally parked and are obstructing the passage. In areas where Homeowners Association operates, many organisations have rules and regulations which prevent this from happening in order for you, your neighbours and the public to have as little hassle as possible. Here, we look more closely at HOA parking regulations and what they mean for you.

Your HOA can have a variety of powers that include regulations on where you can park your car if you are a member of a certain neighbourhood. Some of the most common expectations of residents in a Homeowners Association’s remit include vehicles being parked on sidewalks for long periods of time (like peak hours and overnight). One of the most important reasons that these regulations are in place is because some emergency vehicles can become obstructed by road blockages. Further, some neighbourhoods can look incredibly messy because of some parked cars.

HOAs have the means to prevent this by having the right to tow any offending cars away. These actions are rare and usually only occur if a person has been known to frequently offend regulations by parking their car illegally. Another fact that punctuates the rarity of these situations is the fact that towing areas are only patrolled at random intervals.

The contract that you sign when you join a Homeowners Association is legally binding, so be sure to pay any fines that may come your way if you are affected by such an event.

In some areas, you can even pay a fine if your car is seen to be in an offending area. However, this practice is rare because parking offences cannot always be proved.

Homeowners Associations are not trying to inconvenience you entirely and many neighbourhoods frequently designate areas that you and your guests can park in.

It is always worth bearing in mind that these regulations are in place for your safety and your peace of mind. After all, some illegally-parked cars can even proceed to block traffic in extreme circumstances. You should never find that you are without a place to park, however, unfortunately this has been known to occur.

Fines being collected are rare with parking violations, purely due to the fact that the necessity for a fine cannot always be proved. However, in the event that a parking fine can be claimed, you are more than likely to find that the money from the fines is put towards improvements in drainage and renovations to roads that run through the neighbourhood (and, in some cases, additional parking spaces so you are even less likely to conduct a violation again!).

If you are ever in doubt as to what is and what isn’t allowed for when it comes to parking, consult the legal documents that were provided to you when you joined the neighbourhood.

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