Living in a HOA Condominium

Condominium HOA’s (commonly abbreviated to CHOAs by some), are a common deviant of Homeowners Associations which aim to supporting those who live in smaller properties like flats, apartments, condominiums and individual units of housing complexes. On the most part, they are established to represent the interest of residents in a particular area, sometimes in exchange for an annual membership fee.

HOA Condominiums have become increasingly common across North America (in both the United States and in Canada). A common responsibility of such associations is that the communal areas and elements of a complex (like the roofing of a high-rise building that has been split into apartments), with insurance and governance ensuring that these areas are kept in good condition.

Usually, insurance is funded by a homeowner’s membership or by other means such as fund raising events. Some people strongly believe in these Condominium Homeowners Associations because of the strong sense of community that they bring.

If condominiums are part of a complex, sometimes dedicated leisure areas and communal buildings can be established nearby, similar to community centers. Here, meetings of key issues that surround the Condominium Homeowners Association can be held. Sometimes, changes in legislation are required in order to accommodate changes in circumstances – any changes which are proposed usually have to be passed by a significant majority of 66% or more (however, this varies heavily from CHOA to CHOA).

Doing your research before you consider joining a Condominium Homeowners Association is important and this can mean overlooking the documents that explain the association’s policies in detail. Plus, ensuring that the association is in good stead with the authorities can help, as there are many rules and regulations that CHOAs have to follow – including health and safety in communal areas like swimming pools which have been established.

Some CHOAs require mandatory membership of those who are looking to live in a complex. Many associations have routines in place where frequent payments are required that are put towards the upkeep of the association’s surroundings. Even though some associations have the ability to collect fees and to levy fines on those who refuse to pay, there have been recent legislations passed which have denied associations the right to cut off water supplies and access to cable in protest of a lack of payment.

There are legal services which are offered for disagreements between homeowners and the association that they are a member of. Should you believe that an association is treating you unfairly, one of the legislations which has been enforced is questionable, or that a fine imposed on you is out of order, there are specialist lawyers that can support you in the legal process.

Even though over half of Americans that are a member of a Homeowners Association have been said to have had disagreements with their association, the vast majority of these issues are resolved quickly and without any many disagreements. Overall, HOA Condominiums are there to help you, and to give your community a sense of unity which can be valuable at times.

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