How to file your HOA complaints

Being a member of a Homeowner’s Association isn’t for everybody, and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. HOA complaints are more common then you may think. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly by your HOA for whatever reason, there are some channels which you can consider in order for you to get your voice heard.

Firstly, research has shown some of the most popular complaints about Homeowners Associations is that some influential homeowners are given preferential treatment by some community organizations, with blatant breaches of the HOA’s CC&R being overlooked by the Board of Directors. The basis of such a complaint is this: if they are exempt from being sanctioned for violating a rule, why aren’t the rest of the neighborhood?

An increasing complaint is that there are some HOAs that do not follow the appropriate channels for chasing up fines which have been levied to those in the neighborhood. Even though a grace period is required by law for people to respond to a levied fine, some Homeowners Associations have been accused of not notifying those who are in the wrong and filing directly for lawsuits.

The context of other complaints have included Boards of Directors that do not follow through with the queries of the homeowners that they represent, corrupt activity with funding and a lack of rule enforcement in the neighborhood. After all, if you follow all of the regulations outlined in the CC&R you agreed to and your neighbor doesn’t, why should you suffer for their violations?

With statistics suggesting that well over 60% of people find HOAs downright annoying, the fact that many people complain about ‘unreasonable’ regulations punctuates this. Such regulations which are defined by some as unreasonable have been seen to include a ban on pets in a neighborhood, an embargo on flushing the toilet during unsociable hours and the prohibition of basketball nets secured to the front of a house.

This pettiness and injustice that can be seen in a small minority of Homeowners Associations (as this isn’t the case across all of the organizations that exist!) are unfortunately not regulated by an official HOA body. However, with lawyers that specialize in Homeowners Associations, support available to you in the form of information and advice online and the ability to boycott any payments that you make in contribution to the running of the HOA, you do have means at your disposal to protest against any unfair treatment that you may experience.

Remember this: Homeowners Associations have been established with the intent to bring a sense of unity and a sense of community into your neighborhood. Even though it is a HOA’s duty to ensure that your area looks presentable, is well-maintained and that all of the residents are happy, such non-profit organizations do not have the right to infringe your human rights in any way, shape or form. If you strongly believe that a HOA is engaging in illicit activity or is affecting the freedom to conduct renovations to your property, seeking consultation is recommended.

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